Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello.  If you're reading this, you're probably a parent, or about to become a parent, or just interested in parenting stuff, I guess?  Hopefully this blog can help you in some way, and help prevent you from making some of the silly mistakes I made and had to learn the hard way!  

I just wanted to use this first post to preface all of my future posts by letting you know that I am NOT one of those moms who "has it all together".  I am literally still trying to figure it all out, every. single. day.  And my son is almost 11 months old!!!  But I think this is the way it goes.  As soon as you feel like you got the hang of parenthood, the next day everything implodes/changes/poops on your hand.  I am also a pretty much full-time mom.  I'm still working as a singer-songwriter when I can, so I'm starting to get 6 hours of help a week so I can start working a teensy bit (those 6 hours of 'free time' feel like 30 minutes).

It's interesting how neatly, and naively, I pictured momhood before I actually became a mom.  Funny, really.  In case you're curious, here's a little picture of the mom I've become at the moment:  
  • The only time the house actually gets clean is if someone from the 'outside' is coming over (which isn't often).  As soon as our guest says their goodbyes and steps out the door our home immediately explodes back into a cluttered war zone of baby food, diapers, wipes, bouncy balls, puzzles, and baby pants. 
  • Some days I barely have enough time to change out of my pajamas, and other days I simply choose not to change out of my pajamas. Which means most days....are spent in my pajamas.  
  • It now takes me an average of 4 days to reply to an email.  
  • It is a freakin' miracle this blog even exists right now.  

So if you're a new parent who feels like you're flailing (or even failing) everyday, just know that I'm in the same boat as you.  I made this blog to simply share some little things that have helped make my life a tiny bit easier.  A lot of things that no one ever warned me about, and also a few super useful tips I've learned from other fellow mamas out there.

A lot of mama friends and I agree that there's a lot of gearing up for the big birth day, but not so much prep for what comes after.  Hopefully these tidbits of information can be useful for you before and after the epic and truly miraculous arrival of your little one.

☆ Mama P 


  1. So that's (having a baby) what you've been up to over the last while. You have a new album out (according to your website) so looking forward to that! Looking forward to your blog posts, might come in useful some day for me...not yet though!

    1. Yes! The new album is out now -- hope you get a chance to check it out. :)

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